What’s the point

See why be nice to someone and think that a person would change if matters only have gotten worse. What’s the point in trying for someone and hoping for someone who sees you as less and less of a person. What’s the point in believing that the person saying “I love you” is the person who doubts you, misjudge you, and talks down to you. And even after all you still find the way to see some good in this person. But what’s the point? You went through therapy and guidance to find what that person made you lose, your mental state of mind, your self confidence, gained self doubt, and lost motivation. It took years to build yourself up and still this person uses all the worst words in the world to make you feel like trash. What’s the point in believing this person ever really loved you. Maybe just the fact that the person had control over you your mind and did what that person wanted. Life isn’t fair to many and for many it’s too late and they lose their right state of mind and that is not cool. Be grateful for the people that surrounds you and sees and knows and is there for you. Not many people have that. I am proud and grateful for how far I have come and build myself. And I refuse to let anyone put me through that again. I will not allow myself to put myself through that. Please look for resource, outreach me by commenting and asking questions. We are to help one another live a happy, worthy, and positive life. Stay safe stay strong. #loveoneanother #helponeanother #lovethyself #knowyourworth

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