Way Too Cold to Be Out

Cold isn't the word... I went out for lunch and stood in the opening area while I waited by the food truck for my lunch to be ready and boy did that wind hit me form all directions. I mean it's sunny outside so imagine when i go home and the sun is down... BRRRRRRRR all the way home. Times like this I wish I can work from home, but I have not gotten to that yet. I cannot wait until I'm able to work and take care most of my responsibilities from home. I know at some point I will need to go out but now it is mandatory that I go out everyday as I need to keep my job until that happens.

It is 37 degrees, drizzling but it feels like 28 degrees and it has been informed that as of right now 4pm, it should start to snow. Nice trip home I'm going to have today. I do hope it does not over do it. I mean I do love the snow but to an extend. And to think, I'm a winter baby and can stand the cold veeeery little. To be cold and wet does not go good for me at all. Mind you in top of it all I sit at the front desk to assist the Administrative Assistant until they can hire someone and today Wednesday is pantry day so the doors are open the entire time the pantry is going on so imagine being frozen indoors and outdoors. I love and I am grateful for my warm home and bed.

Hot Tea, Hot chocolate, a hot meal, ahhhhh, all sound so good right about now. I can't wait to get home and just wrap myself in my furry blanket. It's white like the snow too lol.

This how I was feeling when I went out to lunch, lol, I felt as if i was out there in shorts, minus the snow, i would of died, mind you I have tights under my work pants, a think knitted sweater, and I thought the coat I'm wearing was really good, yeah right. It is a very good coat, thick and heavy, but there is nothing in the world to my experience, that can stop me from feeling cold. Well, there is one thing... when I walk really fast I overheat and start sweating. Again, I do love the cold but to a certain level. Cold is one thing, freezing cold is another.

Enjoy the day and stay warm if you living where cold exist.

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