Sharing my experience with you, as a woman who struggled to get where I am.

After my father passed away I leaned on a guy for comfort who whined up beating me and having me locked in a room. In fear he will hurt my family, as he threatened he would, I never said anything to them. I have been in relationships where I was physically abuses, emotionally abuse, and mentally/ verbally abuse. Each one had their title, so in all, I had three separate relationships. One last two years the other three and my third has been 23 years, which I thought there will be progress. It was until I sat with a therapist who took my mentality all the way to the beginning and made me realize the reason why I was getting involved with these type of "men" if we should even call them that. After my dad passed away all I knew was abuse so that's what I felt familiar with. My therapist told me there was a lot I needed to work on to relieve myself from doubt, pain hurt, self esteem, love, and be me. I forgot what was to smile with feeling, joke around, and live. I was always overthinking, apologizing, and doubting everything I did, telling myself I was wrong. My therapist did clarified that I will not be who I was but I can become a better self. I started my journey to finding myself and who I loved to be. It has been the toughest journey fighting fear but with time I learn to know and love myself. I learn to fight for me and my feeling. It is difficult, especially when I am surrounded by certain negative people and doing this alone. I have my teenagers, which all from my third relationship, and they support me as I teach them to speak up, live, make wise decisions, and not to accept any kind of verbal, physical, or mental abuse from anyone. I will continue my journey and sharing my interactions and obstacles with the world because it is a work in progress. If you are experiencing anything like this or related to this I'm here and together we can help each other and others, because we deserve better. God Bless Stay Safe #lovethyself #empowerment #mentalclarity

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