Pain that gives you vision

In my life I have seen and experienced so much damage. But to see something that I never thought could be, happens to be about the worst pain anyone can feel. Love and trust are far two different things. How can one love when there’s no trust. Making changes to our lives because of such is not an easy thing to do, but when only one thing is shown there’s no choice left but to make the change to remove certainty to maintain a safe and healthy soul. Painful when it is someone you love, look up to, and never would have imagined would do such less. When you tell someone you love em be real. Real as doing what all means necessary as the love you honestly feel. Don’t use the word to comfort or seem nice. Use it with its meaning, sacrifice, trust, respect, support, believe, defend, fight, appreciate, honor,...

#reallove #familyisforever

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