Mental Manipulations

Your grow up caring with no condition,limitation or expectation, just to care and support. You are taken away and that care and support goes to someone else that seems to never be happy. It drains you and overwhelms you, yet you continue trying with patience and much love. You whined up comparing yourself and questioning yourself in doubt of yourself. Until one day you meet a person that even if it's a 45%, brings you to light and clarity in what your life has been going through. To be honest that may be more than many may need to begin to see and gain confidence. For many it will take a lot more help.

Let me tell you something, I was that person, but not anymore. I continue to build my self confidence for I know who I am inside and out. I know who I was and what I love to do and be. I am learning not to accept no one's definition of my life, I define myself. Allowing someone to manipulate your mind is no good at all. Speak up, love yourself and do what makes YOU happy. There is no condition or expectations to wait for, when the love and care is done with from within. Be with someone who wants you, not someone who needs you.

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youtube: How to STOP from being Manipulated l Emotional Manipulator l SL Coaching

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