Is any task challenging enough for you, why?

At some point in life when we live a life of emotional dependency we lose ourselves. We go through too much to find ourselves and that alone is so much harder than losing yourself. Why is that? Why is it that a smile or a good feeling can easily be taken away but the anger, frustration and depression takes so much to push away and rebuild oneself.

I suppose looking into the greater parts of our life we don't lose or let go, is what keeps us striving and fighting for a better tomorrow. When a battle is fought alone, is difficult. Believing in something so amazing for so many is a hard task to take on. But looking at the worth of it all and the fact that is rewarding to see a smile in each ones face means the world. So therefore saying "I can't" becomes a challenge and victory with hopes that greatness and healthy decision comes from it so that in peace days will come to be live, loved, and appreciated. Some goals are meant to be accomplished as a team, it can take one powerful heap of faith, but a team can only accomplish so much more. It indicates everyone is on the same page and so the motivation to change for better, much better,begins. If boosting each other with positive attitudes and affirmations, anything can happen, anything. Believing, patience, and appreciation.

Best of luck to everyone. If you have challenges that you have experienced but have not give up, wont' give up, or have given up, share them. It's a good thing to let it out we can learn form each other to make our lives happy and healthier.

#strivetogether #allforone #oneforall #togetherwestanddtronger #neverlosefaith #neverlosehope #fightuntilyousucceed

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