Do Not Stress Unanswered Questions

The abilities to know the answer to something you have asked yourself about so many time, is a clarifying moment.

Has there ever been a moment you are busy playing a game, washing dishes, sweeping, or just sitting in the park watching the little ones play, when all of a sudden you see a vision of something that make sense from a certain situation you had no idea you were scolded at for a while ago, and it happens to be the answer to something you have been asking yourself about.

I always asked why this and why that, and as time passed, I have learned to no longer ask why to matters and situations. Instead I learned to let them go, not to ignore them, but let them go for the time being. Because with time the answers comes to you, and if you catch them it will clarify moments you stressed when you didn't know why. You will see why you were being accused or blamed for. That Ohhh! moment when you put all the pieces together and figure out,... that's why.

So when you run into situations that leaves you confused and puzzled, don't stress or overthink. Let it go and go about your day. Trust me when you least expect it, you will receive the answer. It may not be right away, but they will come.

You need to be able to catch it. It becomes a clarifying moment for you. You don't need to bring that moment up because it's in the past. However it gives you a piece of mind to know the facts behind it.

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