What's the most fun you have had.

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

I have my dull experiences in life, yeah who hasn't. But I have had my fun days too. Whether is was as a young adult, my late twenties or even in my thirties. That's the furthest imma go in age. I have had fun with family friends and even co workers. There's this one thing that every time I laugh and tell the story of a funny slip my kids father- guarantee- will bring up when I trip and hurt myself purposely, not to go to school. My best moments with my kids are when they act crazy and laugh with such feeling that it makes me laugh. I love when they enjoy their day together when the kid inside comes out. My siblings,... boy where to start. They can probably give two handful of shit that has happened to me and still laugh about it as if it were yesterday. We need to rent a huge water inflatable obstacle course and just go for it.

Come and share your fun moments, memories and laughter

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