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Consistency is a must when seeking to be successful no matter the goals.

· Working out for me is one reason I need to be more persistent. When I am working out and stay consistent, it feels good to see I am actually working on my goal weight and in hopes to stay in shape. However after three days I begin to procrastinate, I lose focus and I get distracted with irrelevant matters. I once was on top of the game and lost too much weight. Another time I joined the Herbalife program which was amazing and also helped me lose the weight after I had gained some of it back. Even after I stopped the Herbalife program I took the eating habits and stood by them which still help me to maintain at some point from gaining too much. I mean I have gained weight however I am more aware of the food I am eating and the amounts of it, I’m just not doing the workout as often as I need to in order to shape my body and lose the belly fat.

· Another one is my blog, I begin to write and get into a certain topic then start to overthink to only tell myself it’s not good enough or I don’t have too much on “this“ topic, and give in. Or I get caught up with other things, other subjects, and change the entire story. I guess I expect too much of myself that I whined up crashing and begin to give up. Then I motivate myself again and get back on it. But I want and need consistency and starting a motivational playlist has been included in my tryout list.

· Keeping organized when I have so much going is also another reason I lose focus and overwhelm myself. From work, to taking care things at home, keeping up with my blog, trying to begin a book, meditation, praying, sketching the best I can and looking to sell them . It all gets overwhelming and I mentally exhaust myself. Now when I do it just for the fun of it without a plan it does not all happen easily but it’s not as overwhelming. But that free spirit doesn’t come too often. Am I making sense here?

I have tried creating a to do list and I will follow it then just like that I stop and just go about the day as the task comes about, especially at work. I cannot go as plan because something always comes up that needs priority and so there goes the “to do list.” Same as the “to do list” for the house. I can start from the top but things come up that it’s either changing it around or skipping a few things here and there. As I am typing this I am creating a list of what to do at home today. I will stick to doing one daily and see how long that will stick. Because as I mention before, I can create the list, the question is will I be able to complete it without having anything interfere or change before each task.

Having multiple goals can be a bit overwhelming. Try and find a technique that will help with each one without overwhelming yourself causing you to give up. A lot of the procrastinating comes from lack of motivation and always feeling tired. It is so much easy when you have the motivation and positive vibes that will encourage one to keep going. I have saved workout routines to look into and give me some type of reason to want to get up. Just once I arrive home, it’s a wrap. I mean one moment I get up and going, most I just can’t seem to find the energy and tell myself tomorrow is another day. There are things that must be taken off your daily routine that may also be preventing from things getting done. Some things are just not worth the time and therefore using your time and exhausting yourself over irrelevant matters can hold you from achieving goals, relevant ones.

I came up with my own listing of things to keep me focused:

· Begin Daily List of task for the house and do only what the list indicates

· Play a motivational playlist

· Begin with the ones that will take most of the time

· Create tomorrow’s task list what is to be done as this one is being completed so you keep better track of things.

· Include career success goals into the list so that you make time for it as well and not spend every day just doing house chores

I am assuming that with time and consistency of this idea, our days will get much simpler and task become easier to keep up with, even the goals you want to succeed in as a career, like me for instance with my blog, writing, and drawings.

Best of Luck to us all. Hopefully we will speak of our experience and share what was helpful about this and what was not. Please if there is any other ideas you care to share to help many of us to keep track and gain control of our daily life, it will be heavenly appreciated

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