For many years I had the issue where I was told that I start trouble and mistreat people. When I asked who and decide to confront the person I used to backdown. Not because I did it, but because I know I didn’t do it, I didn’t want to stir more of an issue. But it stood in my head and that use to bother me and let it stress me out. Well not anymore. if something is bothering me I choose to confront the situation and to clarify matters and so that I have a clear mind. I have been told that proving my point to pointless people is a waste of time. And it is, especially to a Narcissistic person. I just felt that it made me feel better even though I know I have not done absolutely nothing I am being accused of. As time passes I have taken the time to meditate and find myself again being thankful for not falling for that accusation crap again because I know what I do and say. I just want to express that confronting situation you are not comfortable with, is okay. Do not keep things inside and wait til

a later time deal with it right then and there. Relieve yourself from future stress and anxiety. #lovethyself #respectthyself

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