An Experience Between Being a Mom, Worker, and a Teacher

Wow, these past few months has taught me more than I could have ever imagined. I knew teachers had it tough when they work with about 25 children five days a week. But boy it is much harder than ever. Being a working mom of three and trying to stay on track with their school work and attendance is not an easy task, especially through online education. I myself take online classes and it's the worst. So therefore I can imaging what these poor kids are going through. My daughter misses her school, her friends, and her teachers more than ever. Although she understands why they may not open, she still ask, "Why Not mom, we need this, we need our teachers." I just hope things will get easier as time passes. If there any moms that have ideas or method of ways that can help us help our children, and reduce the stress of all this.

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